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Our professional chauffeurs are always well on time and will pick you up in style. You can expect a Mercedes Benz with royalty seating and refreshments. We offer a broad variety of services. Discover which one suits you best.

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Max. 3 passengers

Premium Sedan

Premium services are our standard. Enjoy your comfortable journey in the Mercedes-Benz E-class sedan or a similar vehicle. Take a seat in spacious and luxurious seats. Keep in mind: there is not a lot of storage space. Are you traveling with luggage? We advise you to book the Premium estate.

Max. 3 passengers

Premium Estate

Enjoy a smooth trip in the Mercedes Benz E-class estate or a similar vehicle. Are you carrying luggage? No problem. Embrace the luxury and spacious interior. We can store up to three suitcases, and three handluggages.

Max. 5 passengers

Premium MVP

A long trip becomes an easy journey in the Mercedes-Benz V-class or a similar vehicle. There is plenty of space to stretch your legs and get comfortable. With adjustable seats for up to five passengers, and plenty of luggage storage, you can enjoy a comfortable ride.

Max. 8 passengers

Premium Minibus

Get comfortable in our super silent Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or a similar vehicle. It offers place to eight passengers. While it minimizes vibration and sound, you can easily have a conversation or enjoy music. The Minivan offers big seats and plenty of storage space.

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More luxury with our VIP selection

Besides the premium selection of vehicles, you can also choose from our VIP cars. A driver in a bespoke suit, a car equipped with extra privacy options. This makes it the ultimate way to work on the road and arrive at your next meeting well-rested.

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