Discover the spacious Sprinter

At Vemo, both group and corporate transport are meticulously organized. Travel comfortably and safely with up to eight colleagues or business partners from point A to B. For instance, from the company’s premises to the airport or train station, or as a shuttle service between company locations. We invite you to relax in the luxurious seats with armrests and enjoy the view through the panoramic windows.

High-Quality upholstery

Advanced safety features

Versatile and sophisticated

Discover the stunning interior and exterior.

The Sprinter Tourer offers comfortable seating and an ergonomic design for a pleasant and relaxed driving experience. With advanced safety features and active systems, passengers travel with confidence and peace of mind. The interior is characterized by high-quality materials, luxurious details, and a stylish design, ensuring a premium travel experience.

Cavansite blue

Subtle appearance

Optimal luggage capacity

Maximum 8 checked bag and 8 carry-on items.

The luggage compartment of the Premium Minibus is designed to meet all your needs. With its spacious layout and smart storage solutions, this vehicle offers ample space for all your luggage and more. Whether it’s holiday suitcases, sports equipment, or business essentials, the luggage compartment of the Premium Minibus is always ready to make your journey comfortable and effortless.

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