A personal approach is most important to us. With clear communication we make sure that we meet all your demands. We are available 24/7. Does anything change in your schedule? Let us know, and we will come up with a solution.

Relaxed Journey,
Free from Worries.

Our passengers enjoy a hospitable drive, meeting all their demands.” - Sjors van de Veerdonk, owner Vemo.

- Sjors van de Veerdonk, owner of Vemo
vemo vip sedan

What makes us exclusive?

Premium vehicles alone do not inherently create premium chauffeured services. Owing to our extensive history in high-end conveyance, we possess a great understanding of our partners' needs. VeMo draws upon 50 years of experience to provide our guests with daily, delightful transportation.

Forget that you are on the road

To us, being trustworthy means more than just being on time. We advise our passengers and go the extra mile. We have a solution for any situation. For example, is there a bad weather forecast? We advise you on the best time of departure to make sure you are still on time at your destination. Our premium vehicles are equipped for working, calls and relaxation. Because on the road, your daily life continues. We make sure that you can relax while being on time.

Safe on the road

Our chauffeurs guarantee your safety. Because of their certified training, and because they remain in close contact with you and are recognizable to our passengers. Passengers receive text messages when the driver is ready to pick them up. They know which vehicle to enter and can always keep in touch with the driver. In our Vemo-app, both the passenger and the person booking the trip can see where our vehicle is heading.

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Premium and VIP vehicles

At Vemo, comfort is everything. You can find it in our hospitable chauffeurs and luxury Mercedes Benz vehicles. We take the time for our passengers, without ever sacrificing the time of departure and arrival. Tell us your wishes and needs, we will make it happen. Whether it is catering on the road, massage seats or an extra stop on the road. We will go the extra mile.

Let your worries be with us.

We create a relaxing journey.

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